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**Blog: How to Clean the mask when fogged - Procedure PADI**

Welcome to our blog dedicated to divers! Today we will talk about how to clean your mask when it fogs up, following the BlueDaloo PADI procedures.

**Why does the mask fog up?**

Mask fogging is caused by the condensation of moisture on the inner surface of the lenses. This can happen due to the temperature difference between the warm breath and the cooler water.

**BlueDaloo Diving School procedures to prevent fogging:**

1. **Preliminary Cleaning:**

- Before first use, clean the mask with non-abrasive toothpaste. Apply a small amount and gently rub the inside of the lenses with your fingers, then rinse well with warm water. This helps remove any factory residues.

2. **Spit & Rinse:**

- Before each dive, apply some saliva to the inner surface of the lenses and spread it evenly. Rinse with a bit of seawater. This cost-effective and natural method works as an anti-fog agent.

3. **Anti-Fog Spray:**

- Use a commercial anti-fog spray. Spray a small amount on the inner surface of the lenses and spread it evenly. Rinse lightly with seawater.

4. **Avoid Contact with Skin:**

- Avoid touching the inside of the mask with your fingers during the dive, as skin oil can promote fogging.

**During the dive:**

If the mask fogs up during the dive, use the PADI technique to clean it underwater:

- Slightly lift the mask from your forehead to let some water in.

- Move your head to let the water flow inside the mask, cleaning the lenses.

- Exhale through your nose to expel the water from the mask, pushing it out from the bottom edge.

By following these PADI procedures, you can enjoy dives with clear and uninterrupted visibility. Happy diving, and keep following us for more useful tips!

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